Quality seasoned firewood logs. We have at the moment bags of logs to stock your woodstore for this coming winter.

  • You can either buy in bulk loads and cut and split your own
  • or in cubic metre bags, delivered.

Bulk logs for cut your own

Bags of split logs









A warm welcome to everybody interested in our seasoned firewood.

Now is the time to order your winter firewood.

Woodfuel prices for 2018. 

Bulk loads of lengths (Cut your own):   
  • Softwood (3 metre lengths)
  • Hardwood (3metre lengths)


Cubic metre vented bags:
  • Stovewood: £80.00 + 5% VAT (£84.00)
  • Hardwood: £125.00 + 5% VAT (£132.00)

All the above are delivered free within 10 miles of Abernyte.

The bags are cubic metre bags, so they are bigger than builder bags.


A bespoke firewood processing service can be arranged so that you can get exactly what you want for your stoves and fires. Please get in touch.

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